I've been trying to appropriate certain parts of Vedic Culture, the dharmic part. Dharma is a long ladder that begins with simple but necessary teachings around hygiene, manners, occupations, home economics... If Krsna Consciousness includes all these well and good. We were taught a bunch of stuff when joining a temple including how to function in a bathroom. It can all be included under dharma but not all dharma is KC. Still it is important to learn so many first steps lest we encounter problems later on by not knowing simple rules for life. Like truthfulness. That one gets a pass by a lot of folks who consider it material dharma. It is material dharma and you better obey it.

Spiritual bypassing is all the rage with the western devotees and I think much effort needs to be made to repair that wound. Jumping ahead in one definition of sahajiya, and we can see the consequences.

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What a fascinating account. Thanks for sharing


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