Suburban Mysticism is a work in progress because its author is a work in progress.

We are never in stasis; we’re either in a state of progress or regress.

The key catalyst of progress is recognition of the need for progress.

The salient characteristic of regress is the exhausting attempt to try to eliminate all evidence that points to the need for progress.

Ekendra Dāsa एकेन्द्र दास is, basically, a failed “Hindu” monk in the Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava tradition. After realising that a lifetime of abstinence was not going to work, he moved out of the monastery (āśrama) and has been married now for over twenty years. He worked as a secondary school teacher in Aotearoa New Zealand and now, recently retired, Ekendra tends his garden, sings melodious Sanskrit mantras to his bunny rabbits, reads and writes.

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Musings of a failed "Hindu" monk.


I learn things. I do things. I think a lot. I write about it.